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Friday, May 2, 2014

four simple goals: may

Folks, I am super excited about my goals this month.  Mostly because I feel like they will be achievable and they're things I really want to do.  Eek!  This list-loving-goal-loving girl is geeking out right now!!  

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1. Ride my bike: The snow is all melted, and I'm ready to get on my bike and check out a trail or just weave my way around our neighborhood.  My big goal is to bike to work someday, but I'm starting with this baby step.  Just want to get on the bike and get it moving.  

2. Create a food budget: This one really could have called "stick to a food budget."  The hubby and I have a monthly food budget, but we've gone over it almost every month that the budget's been in place.  Not much point to a food budget if you don't actually pay attention to it.  This month I'm going to take some steps to get us back on track.  I'm hoping to keep better track of what's in our fridge, do a weekly meal plan, and put more time into making our grocery list.  

3. Make a photo album: I'm going to make either a wedding album (in progress for two years) or a Europe vacation album (in progress for almost a year).  Since the biggest hindrance to making these albums has been choosing my favorite photos from the hundreds I have available, I've started putting my favorite photos in a special folder on my desktop.  I'm hoping this will make the process of album making a little less daunting.  Then I'll just break the task into chunks, spending a little bit of time on it a couple of times a week.  Crossing my fingers this will help me finally tackle this project!!

4. Miles challenge: My adorable mom (who just celebrated her birthday! yay!) came up with the idea of doing a family miles challenge.  Each family member commits to walking, running, biking, or skating a certain amount of miles in the month of May.  We're each putting in $20 to put towards a family dinner.  I committed to walking/running 30 miles and to skating an additional 30 miles.  So far I'm 1/30 in my walking miles and 0/30 on skating, but I hope to make a dent in both this weekend!  

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