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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

today i'm thankful for: derby edition

At the end of January, I joined a roller derby recreation league in Milwaukee called the Brewcity Bootleggers.  I went from barely being able to skate around the track to almost passing my basic derby skills test in ten weeks.  I have been so proud of myself and so happy to have found such an awesome sport!  Today I'm thankful for...
my friend Mary who encouraged me to give derby a try (and gave me my skates)

our fabulous derby coaches for believing in us

my fellow Bootleggers for being so supportive and fun

my body for having the ability to skate, adapt to new challenges, and get stronger

having practices to look forward to during the dreariest time of year

my husband for being happy for me falling in love with derby

my friends for listening to me gab (a lot) about my new found love of derby

my gear for keeping my body protected during my many (many) falls

the therapeutic benefits of skating and exercising

Sooooo thankful for this sport for getting me through a long, hard winter.  It has been so fabulous finding such a fun, challenging sport.  Don't know what I would have done without it!

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