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Thursday, April 3, 2014

four simple goals: april

Each month I'll be sharing four simple goals on the blog.  You can join along by making your own four simple goals for the month - things that you might not do if you didn't commit to it, but not anything that feels overwhelming or that can't get done in a 28/30/31 day period.  You can also use my monthly image (below) on your own blog if you'd like, just link back to here and share a link to your blog below in the comments section so I can check it out!

Welcome to the beginning of another new month and another new list of four simple goals.  This month (my birthday month!!) I'll be taking it a little easier and making some time for relaxation.  I feel no ambivalence for this month, I absolutely love it.  April really feels like the month of Spring to me, and even if Spring is a bit delayed this year in Wisconsin, April will still be fantastic. 

1. Finish the paintings: I may have a promised a friend way back in October that I would do a painting of birch trees and birds for her.  That painting may still be hanging out in my art room (sorry Meghan!).  I think six months is long enough to be working on it.  Time to get this checked off my to do list. 

2. Make time for quiet: Accomplishing goals is great for me - it's a great motivator, it makes me happy, it helps me feel accomplished.  But a lot of my goals have me doing more and focusing my energy outside of myself.  Keeping busy and being productive helped me get through the worst weather months of the year, but now it has me feeling a little drained.  I want to make time this month for focusing energy back inside.  

3. Organize the art room: Paul and I rearranged two of our rooms a few weeks ago, and our new art room (and dresser space) is still a mess.  I've got canvases and art supplies and laundry and papers scattered everywhere.  I straighten it up every weekend, but I have yet to really get it into workable condition.  Time to finish this task too.   

4. Daily stretching: This connects to goal #2.  Stretching, yoga, and pilates all help me feel more centered and more in touch with my body.  I want to get my butt on my yoga mat for at least a few minutes every day this month.  I love how much better I feel after I do.  

What are your April goals?

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