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Thursday, April 10, 2014

art in bloom

Art and flowers: two of my favorite things, combined at the best event the Milwaukee Art Museum offers.  ART IN BLOOM!!  The premise is simple: participating florists are randomly assigned an art piece to inspire a floral arrangement.  The museum curators choose pieces from throughout the museum so attendees get a chance to see all parts of the museum as they look at the 40 something entrees.  Some floral arrangements match the art pieces very literally, others are more loosely connected to the art.  The results are always interesting; there's always a few pieces that make me scratch my head, and there's just as many that take my breath away and literally make me stop to smell the roses.  This year there were lots of excellent pieces, and I managed to get some nice pictures of a few of my favorites.  

The Madonna and child arrangement was my top pick this year (although it was a really tough choice!).  Those colors!  Those shapes!  I felt it matched the painting so well (in the background of the photo above), and it helped me see the Madonna and child piece in a way I never had before. 

This is an example of a piece I had never taken time to look at before it was included in Art in Bloom.  After appreciating the floral piece, I found beauty in the Noah's Ark painting I hadn't before.  (Score 1 for the Art in Bloom curators.)  See how it doesn't match the piece exactly but you can see how it was inspired by it?

Loved the use of the bonnet in this one!  I forgot to get a picture of the painting this was based off, but it was a 19th century beach scene with a couple of ladies in dresses - and bonnets.  The bonnet, colors, and sea type plants worked so well in the piece and really captured the feeling of the painting.  

Awards are given for the top three pieces and for honorable mention(s).  First place was given to this beautifully innovative piece based off a button sculpture (below).  The sculpture is one that usually gives me a "huh?" feeling (which a lot of modern sculpture does for me), but again, seeing such a cool floral piece made me give the sculpture a second chance.  Do you think the rose arrangement capture the feel of the sculpture?  The designer statement mentioned how the repetition of the water vases mirrored the repetition of the buttons.  

I looked forward to this event so much.  Art in Bloom comes at such a great time of year, just when I need the pick me up that only flowers and sunshine can give.  I went twice in four days this year!  Luckily I have these great photo reminders of how lovely the event was to carry me through until next year.  

You can see more photos of this year's Art in Bloom winners here.  You can also check out my Instagram for more photos I shared from the event (joy_allthings).  

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