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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

april fools

I had a lot of fun with yesterday's April Fools Day joke - thanks for bearing with my love of the holiday.  

Each year I get a bittersweet reminder of the meaning behind April Fools Day.  This time of year really does trick you.  One warm day has you thinking you're done with the cold and breaking out your swimsuits and sandles, and then bam!  Another snow fall hits.  One of my friends compared it to opening herself to love after a bad heartbreak.  She keeps telling herself she won't be fooled again, but then she just falls back into the same bad habits. 

Fortunately, there are signs that Spring as arrived even if the weather is really taking its time warming up.  Like the weeping willows turning yellow.  Did you know they did that this time of year?  I just learned that nice little fact from my local ecology center. 

Other signs of early Spring I love: the blue skies, the break in the frigid temps that actually allow you to take your time outside, watching ice on rivers and lakes break up, hearing birds chirp again, seeing buds popping up, embracing the promise of growth and possibilities. 

When leaving the art museum over the weekend, my friend and I took our time walking back to our car - enjoying the view of Lake Michigan, the frozen lagoon, the red-winged black birds, the feeling of long awaited sunshine on our faces.  It was glorious. 

And then 30 degree temperatures returned again.  April fools! 

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