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Friday, April 11, 2014

30 before 30

Welcome to my 30 before 30 list!!  Yay!!  I've been thinking about this list for a couple of years, and I'm really happy to officially share this here so I'm longer tempted to edit it.  While picking my 30 goals, I made a big mistake.  I compared it to this lady's 30 before 30 list.  Her list includes such things as swimming with sharks, climbing a mountain, sky diving, running a marthon, sunbathing topless on a European beach...you get the picture.  First of all - good for her.  It's awesome that she had the means to do what she wanted to do and that she had the movitation to go after her deams.  Second of all - I'm not her.  I don't have the means to travel like she did, and I don't have the desire to do a lot of the activities she did.  And I'm coming to accept that that is completely ok.      

Writing this list helped me to be realistic about my prorities and be honest about who I am and what I want.  While I would love to travel even more than I already do, working at a low paying non-profit job that reflects my values has become more important to me than getting to travel the world (even though it still pains me to write that).  I also love spending time relaxing with my husband and my pups, and that limits the amount of time I can devote to other things.   I like having an established community, which really cuts down on my desire to move around a lot. While I still can and have done "exciting" things, my goals for where I want my life to be at 30 are much less flashy than I thought they might be when I was younger.  My values have led to choices that have shaped my life - and will continue to shape my goals, dreams, and accomplishments.  

A lot of these goals I chose are simple and reflect what gives me joy in my day to day life.  Most importantly I'm happy that this list reflects my big unwritten goal for turning 30: to have a good sense of who I am and what I want.  Thanks for reading!  

1. Finish decorating the apartment

2. Take a French class/do something French (kissing doesn’t count)

3. Read 5 classic books I never got around to reading (from list of 50 books I want to read)

4. Buy a magazine subscription

5. Camp on a beach

6. Stay the night in a yurt

7. Close Wolski’s (for real)

8. Make a go to recipe book

9. Update my blog (for real)

10. Make my own ice cream flavor

11. 30 days apartment photos

12. Fill sketchbook

13. Photo albums: wedding, Europe, Papa 

14. Hike Ice Age Trail

15. Do a weekend getaway out of the Wisconsin travel book

16. Visit a new state

17. Save for retirement

18. Read news habitually

19. Host a dress up party

20. Learn to make a fancy dessert (like macarons or truffles) 

21. Do the big paintings (Romero and Fr. Greg)

22. Organize my files!!

23. Create a garden oasis on our front porch

24. Do something irresponsible (like get a tattoo)

25. Go to the zoo

26. Travel to New Orleans

27. Dip my toes in Lake Superior 

28. Visit a state park

29. Fly a kite

30. Make a fancy dinner

There you have it!  Do you have a big goal list you're working on?

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