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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

trip to the domes

This weekend I decided to have a "treat yo self" day.  Paul was working all weekend, I had just finished a crummy week, and I needed a nice day all to myself.  But even though I knew I needed some time to just indulge myself, I still felt like I needed permission to blow off housework and whatever else I "should" be doing.  Do you ever have a hard time doing the things you know you need to do to be happy?  I'm getting better about it, especially if the things I'm indulging in are experiences and don't cost much money.  So I got over the shoulds and just had a happy day. 

I think I've mentioned a few (dozen) times how happy flowers make me.  So naturally my treat yo self day included a trip to the Mitchell Domes, the large enclosed gardens in Milwaukee.  A genius planner decided to have a farmer's market there every Saturday in winter, so I was able to walk around the Domes and take pictures to my heart's content - all for free!  I arrived right at the end of the market so all the crowds were gone, but the admission price was still waved.  Sha-wing!!!

The tropical dome had flowers in bloom, running water, and real live birds.  You have no idea how happy it made me to walk around without my coat on and feel almost-real-sunshine on my face. 

I felt more drawn to the desert dome than I usually do.  I think it's because our extreme cold weather has me looking for some extreme heat.  Plus those cactus and succulants...lovely. 

My treat yo self day also included a vanilla rooibos latte from Starbucks, retail therapy at Target, seed shopping, Jimmy John's and checking a few errands off my list.  I know errands don't really seem like a treat, but checking big things off my to do list always makes me feel better and lighter.  I ended my day relaxing in our living room watching TV and movies with Paul while painting my little heart out.  What a fantastic, necessary day. 

What do your treat yo self days include?

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