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Thursday, March 6, 2014

road tripping

I love a good road trip.  Especially in winter, when the weeks and months are long, road trips help to break things up and add a bit of spice to life.  I schedule road trips every couple of months and will even travel on my own since my hubby's work keeps him busy on some weekends.

Last weekend I travelled to St. Louis to see the Missouri Botanical Garden orchid show with my mom, sister, aunt, and cousins.  It's become a winter tradition for us; we soak up the beautiful colors and light, and then stop by the giftshop for seeds and orchid plants.  And wouldn't you know it: this year I travelled all the way to St. Louis for the show and forgot my camera on my parents' kitchen table.  So instead of pictures of orchids, I'm sharing some pictures of my drive from Milwaukee to St. Louis. 

Before leaving my apartment, I positioned my camera on the passenger seat so it would be handy if I saw a good potential shot.  These photos were all taken by me by holding the camera towards the passenger side window and hoping for the best.  I love how they turned out.  They all have that accidentally-on-purpose rustic look. 

The Midwest scenery feels so homey and brings me a lot of peace.  I can't get enough of those big open sky sunsets.  The drive to St. Louis has become one of my go to spirit boosters - along with a couple of good books on tape and my pups in the back seat.  I love the time to think and relax and just be. 

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