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Friday, March 28, 2014

pretty seed catalog

Seed catalogs combine my loves of gardening and photography into bound pages of beauty.  Usually I just flip through whatever old catalogs I have laying around my house, the ones that are several years old that I inherited from fellow gardeners.  But I recently found a new favorite catalog produced by Baker Creek Heirloom Seedscalls the Whole Seed Catalog.  I first saw the catalog on Pinterest, then heard about it again from a friend, then realized it was made by the same company that was responsible for an awesome gardening book I had checked out from library.  Basically all signs in the universe were pointing me towards this seed catalog. 

I was so excited about this catalog I was willing to pay for it - and it was well worth the $7.95 cost.  The catalog includes 350 pages of seeds and also features information about interesting farmers, seed saving tips, recipes, and quotes from people like my heroine Vandana Shiva.  Ordering the catalog gave me the extra excitement of waiting for it to arrive in the mail, and I'll be able to have it on hand for seasons to come.  (For those not on top of ordering your garden seeds yet: you can currently get the 2014 catalog for only $4!  Quite the steal :)

Seed catalogs are so exciting.  They hold so much possibility and garden dreams.  The Whole Seed Catalog has especially nice pictures, and like I said, the extra features add something special too. 

There were so many varities of vegetables, fruits, and flowers in the catalog that I had never even heard of.  My favorite was the Michael Pollan green tomato.  I decided I needed a lot of seeds this year and might have gone a little crazy with my Baker Creek seed purchases (unfortunately the Michael Pollan was sold out).  But I know I'm supporting a good cause, and it'll help me have a beautiful vegetable garden this season.  So thanks in advance Baker Creek for a tasty, beautiful, heirloom garden.   

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