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Friday, March 7, 2014

cherry painting

A few weeks ago I went to an art bar for the first time - the kind of place where you paint and drink at the same time.  It seems like a hazardous combination, but it was actually wonderful.  Being in such a fun environment helped my perfectionist inclinations chill out, and I was able to enjoy doing a simple painting. 

I still decided what I wanted to paint before I arrived.  Since going to Bailey's Range in St. Louis over Christmas (see above), I've been wanting to do a similar style painting for our kitchen.  I decided on a cherry, because every kitchen needs something cherry themed.  My mom engrained this in me at a very early age.  Though thinking back to out cherry kitchen growing up, I'm remembering that the tiny cherry wallpaper was actually hung upside down (the wallpaper man hadn't realized what he was doing until after he had finished the entire kitchen).  So I guess that means that every kitchen needs something cherry - and a cook with a sense of humor.

I liked how this turned out so much that I'm thinking of doing another painting for our kitchen.  This one will be bigger and may include a series of drinks, fruits, vegetables, or a combination of all three.  We still have lots of empty wall space in our kitchen.  And it obviously needs to be covered with art and paintings of food.  

What kind of images of food would you include on your walls?

P.S.  Daylight savings time starts this weekend!  You better believe I'll be celebrating it!

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