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Monday, February 3, 2014

today i'm thankful for

...my husband who shovels the snow, shares dog walking responsibilities with me,
and makes me cups of tea before work

...roller derby for giving my body a great work out, introducing me to new people,
and giving me a boost of confidence

...friends who host Super Bowl parties so people can be together

...Kitchen Aid Mixer ice cream attachments

...small decorations that make me smile and remind me of Paris

...celebrating the upcoming arrival of a friend's new baby over tea and cucumber sandwiches

...amazing support of my paintings from old friends

...this video and the reminder to not let my phone
get in the way of being present in my life

...a surprise belated Christmas gift in the form of a grogeous fair trade vase

...the best trade: a painting for mail delivered lemon cookies (the perfect winter pick me up)
Also: the energy boost I'm getting from 28 days of Pilates (lovely 5-10 minute daily exercises)
52 lists and Moorea's graceful honesty in handling an embarassing situation

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