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Friday, February 28, 2014

four simple goals: march

Each month I'll be sharing four simple goals on the blog.  You can join along by making your own four simple goals for the month - things that you might not do if you didn't commit to it, but not anything that feels overwhelming or that can't get done in a 28/30/31 day period.  You can also use my monthly image (below) on your own blog if you'd like, just link back to here and share a link to your blog below in the comments section so I can check it out!

Welcome to the end of February and the (almost) beginning of March!  Slowly but surely we are making it through this winter!  A new month means a new set of four simple goals.  Using this goal setting method worked for me really well last month, and I love writing these posts, so you can except to see them regularly here from now on. 

I've never been a huge fan of March.  You'd think I would be with the beginning of Spring and all the Irish celebrations, but it just always feel like thirty-one days of rain and gray slush.  But I don't want to hurt your feelings March, so I promise to give you another try if you promise to warm up just a bit.  Here's what I'll be doing this month.

1. Edit and print five photos: I'm thinking slightly oversized prints of five of my favorite photographs framed in our bedroom in pretty white frames would be gor-ge-o-so.  I realized that I've taken a lot of good photos I really like that I've done nothing with.  So time to change that. 

2. Month-long Apartment Therapy cure: Anybody else a fan of Apartment Therapy?  I feel like they're a Design Sponge for the average person.  They create challenges that feel doable but also practical for transforming a space.  I liked the idea of doing a month-long challenge - kind of like the four simple goals idea.  You'll get something practical accomplished, but it won't be too overwhelming.  

3. Purchase and start seeds: My green thumb is itching to start some planting.  I've got my eyes on seeds from here and here.  If I get really ambitious I'll set up a grow light station, but even if I don't, it's always a fun adventure to try growing plants from seeds.  I'll be following instructions from here.  

4. Read a book: With all the crafting and painting I've been doing this winter, I haven't made time for my favorite pastime.  All my "reading" has actually been listening to audio books.  Which still technically counts.  But I'd love to sit myself in a comfy chair with a warm cup of tea and a good read before the weather warms up too much.  Because then I know all my time will be going to creating my new garden oasis.  

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What are your goals for March? 

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