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Thursday, February 20, 2014

february check in

February is more than half way over (eek!), and I thought it would be a good time to check in with how I'm doing with the four simple goals I set for myself this month.  You can check here if you missed my initial post on February's four simple goals.  

This month I wanted to 1) limit my Facebook visits to once a day 2) plan my garden 3) take an overnight trip with Paul and 4) decorate for the season.  I'm happy to say that three goals are well on their way to being complete.  Paul and I took a quick overnight trip to Madison for Valentine's Day, and I've added some cute winter/Valentine's Day decorations to our apartment - I'll share more photos before the month is up.  

I've also confirmed with some friends that we'll be sharing a community garden plot this season, and I've got some ideas for what I'll be growing.  I also have visions of transforming our front porch into a mini urban garden oasis in the style of Gayla Trail.  I think it could be awesome.  And the pups don't seem to go after plants much, so hopefully the added foliage won't bother them - they seem to be happy as long as they can see what's happening on the street.

I'm embarassed to say that my Facebook visits are still happening way more than once a day.  I did a great job the first week of this challenge of only checking a couple of times a day.  I was true to the spirit of the challenge which was to stop myself from just mindlessly clicking the Facebook tab and scrolling through posts for way longer than was necessary.  It helped increase my productivity with other work that had to be done on the computer.  I've slacked the past couple of weeks, but I'm hopeful I can get back on track in this last week.  

How are you doing with your February goals?

P.S. How gorgeous are these flower photos?  I loved how these roses were drying and snapped a few pictures of them before I left for work one morning.  I played around with some filters and decided on a filter that created a beautiful old-timey feel.  I'm pretty surprised by how well they turned out.  It makes me want to edit more pictures so I can print them off to display in our apartment.  Did I just create a March goal for myself? 

P.P.S. If I sold these photos as print would anyone be interested in ordering one?  Just trying to gauge interest.

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