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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

artistic inspiration: oana befort

Today I'm featuring another artist I find incredibly inspiring.  This is part of an ongoing feature where I share the work of artists who inspire me.  There is much joy to be found in beautiful artwork. 

Oana Befort is a Romanian illustrator whose work I have fallen in love with recently.  Her illustrations are whimsical and colorful and often feature animals, fruit, and flowers in bright bold designs.  She is a freelance artist who makes her living painting and doing graphic design.  Dreamy huh?  Adding to her alure is how she uses phrases like "I am using any kind of watercolor paper" and that she met her husband Christmas caroling.

Oana's prints and watercolor originals are available through her Etsy shop, and she also features various products with her designs in her Society6 shop.  I haven't purchased anything yet, but I think some Oana Befort artwork would go really well in our apartment (hint, hint Paul). 

I follow Oana on her blog (which is so calming to read) and on her Instagram account (oanabefort) where she often features work in progress.  She also shares glimpses into her life which includes a 52 week project, where she takes a photo a week of her son for one year.  She recently announced she's expecting her second child, so the 52 week project also includes adorable photos of her growing baby bump.  One of my favorite things about the blogging world and social media is getting "to know" my favorite artists and get a look into their creative process.  It feels like a great privilege and is incredibly inspiring for my own work. 

One of my favorite things Oana shared was a video of her completing a water color.  It helped a lot of things click in my mind and gave me ideas for taking my own watercolors to the next level. 

Finally, Oana offers a free download of a monthly calendar on her blog.  I download it each month for my work desktop.  I love how it brightens my work on a daily basis. 

Thanks for the inspiration Oana!  I love finding artists that give me the desire to keep pushing myself to develop as an artist.  I highly recommend checking out her work - and when you do, let me know if you have a favorite work by her!  I'd love to hear it. 

Who's inspiring you lately?

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