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Friday, January 17, 2014

steven smith teamaker

While in Portland we stopped by the tasting room at Steven Smith Teamaker.  The creator of both Stash and Tazo tea companies, Steve Smith now creates teas under his name sake company in Portland, and tea lovers (like me!) can stop by to taste and shop for teas. 

The tea shop was full of pretty tea pots, holiday decorations, hipsters, and plenty of tea available for purchase.  I love the Steven Smith tea packaging.  Green teas get green boxes, black get grey, and herbal get organge.  I thought I was so clever when I figured that all out of my own. 

Each tea has an assigned number, some assigned because of a special meaning and others assigned at random.

We decided to do a tea flight - and this former-beer-lover was very excited to have a different kind of flight to try out.  We did one black tea flight and one herbal/green tea flight.  Our very kind tea-rista (what do you call a tea waiter?) brought over our teas with instructions on how to use our slurping spoons and advised us to try the teas in order from lightest to darkest (the same as you do with beers!). 

The slurping spoon.

To be used just like so...?

The black tea flight.  I loved reading that each cup of brewed tea came with loose tea and an explanation card.

The whole setup!  The water is for cleaning off your spoon and the cookies for cleansing your pallet. 

Becca approves!  Note: after we had each slurped a lot of tea from our spoons, we realized we would be there all night if we didn't just start chugging.  So I got myself some cream and sugar for all my light teas and drank myself some tea.  YUM. 

After we finished our samples, I bought several packs of loose leaf teas and some iced tea for my dad (which I think he enjoyed - I loved it).  I added this to my baby collection of Smith tea my favorite sister-in-law had already given.  I used all the self control I had to wait until I was back in Milwaukee to try them out.  They tasted pretty nice in my new Anthropologie mug.  I don't know if I've ever felt so fancy. 

Gorgeous and delicious.  My favorite combination.  

Are you a tea drinker?  Do you have a favorite mug?  Mine is my new "M" mug.  The gold kind of makes me feel special. 

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