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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

snow day fun day

You might say it's been a bit chilly in our neck of the woods lately.  Like real chilly.  Like inside of your nose freezing chilly.   Like boiling water turns into snow in midair chilly. 

The driving conditions are so bad that I ended up staying in St. Louis a few extra days.  So I got to have two (2!!) snow days with the fam.  Which was exactly what I needed after all the craziness of the holidays.  We did all the usual snow day stuff (minus snow man making because come on!  Too cold!).  We watched movies, laid around in our pajamas, made a puzzle, painted, knitted, took naps, ate good soup, and had a ping pong tournament!  (Every family does that right?) 

Being stuck in St. Louis means I'm also home to celebrate my sister's birthday!!  Yay!!!  We'll be going out to brunch and dinner and maybe even getting some pedicures...yes!  Happy birthday Libby!!  

And if it's Libby's birthday that must mean it's also mine and Paul's anniversary!  Woot!  Unfortunately we'll have to spend this anniversary apart with the weather conditions, but I'm sure we'll enjoy celebrating as soon as we're back together.  Hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

P.S. I can't believe two years ago we were able to take our wedding pictures outside in St. Louis!  Sooooo thankful we had the weather we did and didn't have to deal with this arctic blast business!

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