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Thursday, January 16, 2014

new year's portland style

After spending some time with my side of the family for Christmas, Paul and I flew out to Portland to see his crazy fabulous family and friends.  We flew in just in time for a fun New Year's Eve gathering, and the party was complete with party hats for all!

Welcoming 2014 with sparkly wavey things (pre party hats being passed out)!

I just love Paul's aunt and uncle - they are some of the best hosts I know and really know how to throw a party.  I always tell them they should open a bed and breakfast.  His aunt would make the most amazing dishes, and his uncle would be the comedian who would make everyone feel at home.  (Luckily his uncle doesn't read this blog otherwise he might make me take down this adorable picture.) 

New Year's day we took our time waking up and then drove to the Oregon coast to ease into the new year in pure Oregon sytle.  During every single Oregon road trip - without fail - I feel like I'm living in a postcard.  Our view looked like this for a solid hour (the drive from Portland to the coast is less than two hours). 

My favorite trips to the coast involve a stop by the Tillamook Cheese factory.  What dairy-tolerant person doesn't love free cheese samples and triple scoop nowls of ice cream for less than $5?!  Don't introduce me to them because we might not get along.  Or maybe do, and I'll take their samples and ice cream.  (P.S. Do you see those jackets they're wearing?  It was January 1, and we were wearing light jackets and no gloves!!  I'll take winter weather like that any day.)


And then we made it to our coast lodgings, and my jaw dropped.  Sometimes in my life I feel like I have to pinch myself because I'm suddenly seeing so incredibly beautiful, I feel like I can't still possibly be in my own life.  But that's the great thing about life.  Lots of lovely little - and big - beautiful moments.

I couldn't think of a better way to welcome in 2014. 

Oh, did someone here just finish at the Tillamook Cheese Factory? 

One more photo from mine and Paul's sunset shoot at the beach.  Still haven't printed these pictures off, but you bet I'll be doing it soon. 

There was a moment on the beach when Paul pointed out a shell on the beach to me (or maybe I showed him one I picked up? do those exact details really matter?), and I got this strong feeling of "oh my gosh, I can see Paul doing this as a dad someday."  I told him that someday he'll be holding all the shells/treasures our kids find and give to him to hold.  And I'm pretty sure he just smiled or held my hand or did something very Paul-esque like that.  That little moment mixed with that beautiful sunset was pure magic. 

Oh, what's that?  You want a few more pictures of the ocean?  Well then let me share a few more!

Thanks 2014 for starting off so fabulously.  Hope there's lots more moments of magic left in you. 

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