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Thursday, January 9, 2014

love and the oregon coast

The holidays were a crazy, amazing time for me and Paul.  We like to fit visits to both of our families in if possible, and we were fortunate enough to be able to spend time in St. Louis and Portland (OR) during the past couple of weeks.  During our trip to Portland, we took a day trip to the Oregon coast and shot these pictures.  I'm thinking of framing them or putting together a small coffee table book because I love them so much. 

Our holiday travels are usually bittersweet for me.  While I love seeing family and friends, visiting St. Louis and Portland bring up the lingering question about which part of the country Paul and I will choose to settle down in.  We're both happy in the city we've made our home as a married couple, but we're feeling more and more that we'd like to be closer to family as we get older.  Currently we're both vying for our hometowns, and we've gone through all kinds of crazy ideas about how to make a bicoastal living arrangement work (no luck on making any of them a reality yet).  While we wait for teleportation to be invented, we try to focus on being lucky enough to even have two places that we want to be so badly.  We're loved bi-coast-ally!  And I'm totally not complaining that the Oregon coast is the place I visit my inlaws.  Not at all. 

In an effort to not let this big question cloud our happiness now, one of my New Year's resolutions is to just be present.  To enjoy my life exactly as it is right now.  I've had varying success with it over the past week, but having it as a goal feels like a good first step.  And watching the sunset over the ocean sure helped push all worries out of my mind.  Which gives me an idea - these pictures could be my go to reminder to be right here, right now.  

What helps you be in the now when you're trying to be patient with an unresolved issue? 

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