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Friday, January 10, 2014

iceskating at steinberg's

Every city seems to have its own fun winter traditions.  In St. Louis, winter is the perfect temperature for outdoor skating - cold enough to keep the ice frozen but not too cold to make hanging outside for a few hours miserable.  My favorite place to skate in St. Louis is Steinberg skating rink, located in Forest Park.  I have so many memories of going to Steinberg as a kid, and I will forever feel sentimental about this place. 

My family used to have a tradition of going skating during our Christmas break and then getting a snack at a localIrish pub afterwards for a snack (we actually went to this same Irish pub for drinks the day of my wedding - funny how that kind of thing comes full circle).  It also seemed to turn into a tradition to take my sister to the hospital after she fell and hit her head too hard on the ice.  My family usually laughs about that, but writing it now it seems a little serious.  Yikes.  I guess you just have to take any injury story from my family with a grain of salt because we all seem to be extremely accident prone.  Especially when you involve something unyielding like a large sheet of ice. 

This year my brothers and I took my younger cousins skating, and we all had a blast.  A blast if you don't count how bad my feet hurt.  My nostalgic memories of iceskating did not involve aching arches and tired, painful feet.  I guess I'm getting old.

The skaters!  There's four skaters there - you might not be able to see my cousin because he's dressed in camo :)

What a great day!  I'm really glad I have these pictures to remember our adventure - or at least the parts where I could feel my feet.  I'll choose to remember the bonfire, the hot cocoa, the holding hands with my cousin as we skated around talking about life, the Mom's Deli sandwiches, and the much needed nap I took after our adventure was done.

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