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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

four simple goals

Remember when I wrote about accomplishing four simple goals before 2014?  I was working on a post about my New Year's resolutions, and I realized I never did a final check in post about how I ended up doing.  

1. Visit our neighborhood bakery: I doubley checked this one off my list.  I visited Amarynth Bakery shortly after I wrote this goal list and also made a few stops to Rocket Baby Bakery.  It's silly now looking back that I even needed to put this on my goal list with how much I love bakeries. 

2. Make Kombucha: I made a valient effort at this, but I didn't find my efforts worthy of a blog post since black mold grew on top of it.  But I did end up getting a new SCOBY, so I think this will be worth another try.  And when I have something that I find worthy, you will definitely be hearing about it. 

3. Clean my wedding dress: the only outright fail of the group.  I realized how expensive this was going to be, and I decided to wait until the new year to do this.  It will be going on my 30 before 30 list.  It's something I still want to do, but I have to be able to afford it. 

4. Start a new sketchbook: Another success!  I never ended up taking pictures of it, but I definitely started a new sketchbook.  It's not pretty or fancy, but it exists, which is more than it was before I made this list.  I'd love to keep working on this so that my sketchbook is pretty to look at, but that would really just be icing on the cake.  

2013 seemed to be the year of writing goal lists.  With my 101 goals in 1001 days challenge coming to an end next week, I've been thinking about what kind of challenges I want to make for myself in 2014.  I've made so many goal lists lately that I don't know if they're going to be as effective for me this year.  I learned that if I have too many goal lists active at once they get kind of muddled up, and I end up not feeling as motivated to meet challenges.  So instead this year, I might stick to the resolutions I've made and just see what kind of challenges naturally present themselves.  The other idea I had was to make a list like this at the beginning of each month with 2-3 very practical goals and 1-2 reaching type goals.  Maybe I'll have to try both approaches and see what works best for me. 

What about you?  Are you goal oriented or is there another way you motivate yourself?

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