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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

derby girls

My months' long wait for the Brewcity Bruisers roller derby season is finally at an end!  I'm a season ticket holder this year, so for the next few months if you can't find me, look for me at the U.S. Cellular Arena (or actually probably don't, the bouts only happen once a month so odds are I'm somewhere else).  If all of that wasn't exciting enough, this year I also know one of the Bruisers personally!!  My friend Mary has been practicing and training hard for the past two years and was drafted on to the Maiden Milwaukee team!  Congrats Mary (or Mary Mother of Quad as she's known on the derby track)!  I was so happy for her and so excited to watch her play. 

My friend Meghan and I continued our pre-game pizza tradition.  We weren't skating so we didn't have to worry about what we were eating.  After the pizza, we walked over to the arena to get good seats to catch all the action.

Here are the Maidens!  Mary is in the bottom left corner.  It was a repeat match up of last year's season end battle: the Crazy 8s vs the Maidens.  The 8s came out ahead again this weekend, but the Maidens are ready for the next match up!  If Friday was any indication, we've got a good season in store for us.

----  This is a picture of us from last year before one of the bouts (games).  I love it because Mary is taking a picture with her future teammates - with no idea that she would be in their spots in less than a year!  -----

P.S. I might be going to a roller derby boot camp this weekend, but don't tell my mom!  Don't want her worrying about me breaking any bones.  But I don't even have a derby name yet, so it doesn't really count.

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