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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

posts of christmas past

I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts from last Christmas.  Revisiting the old pictures and posts make me smile - which means it was post worthy for me.  First - this amazing picture of Pedro where he looks so festive ... and so miserable.  This year I'll have to find an outfit for Diego since he'll wear costumes a lot more readily than his brother. 

2. Some of the beautiful cookies my friends and I baked at our Christmas cookie baking/exchange party last year.  This year's is schedule for next week and I.cannot.wait.  I'll probably be busting out my snowball recipe again.

3. Last year's Christmas card with one of my favorite wedding photos.  This year's will include a Europe photo and a more prominant photo of our pups.  I'm excited to share a picture of it with you next week. 

4. My top five favorite Christmas movies.  Which reminds me that I really need to get to watching these soon.

5. My favorite Christmas bookThe Best Christmas Pageant Ever. 

6. One of my favorite Christmas gifts in recent memory: a family recipe book.  My sister copied all of my mom's dessert recipes and compiled them in a book for me.  I love that I can see the recipes written in the original handwriting.  I have a feeling that will only become more meaningful as time goes on.

7. And last but not least: last year's Christmas tree.  We don't have a tree yet, but I've still got high hopes we'll get one in our apartment before the end of the season.  And then we'll decorate it with lights and ornaments and then we'll eat a whole roll of Toll House cookie dough as fast we can and then...we'll snuggle. 

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