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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

our 3rd date of christmas

Our third date of Christmas was a complete accident that turned out to be really, really good.

This past weekend, Paul and I visited a couple of friends in Richmond, Virginia and had an absolutely fabulous time (photos coming tomorrow).  We had plans to fly out of DC Sunday (because why not take advantage of an opportunity to see a little DC while we were so close?), but the winter weather had other plans.  Our train took four hours to go twenty miles due to a faulty horn, and we did the math and realized the flight out of DC was not going to happen.  Being pretty experienced travelers, we knew what our oprtions were.  And while Paul stayed calm and changed our flight, I got a little emotional - we were using money we didn't plan to spend, and I would have to take a vacation day I was saving for the holidays.  But we figured it out, embraced our new plans, and stepped off the train into a magical little small town decked out in all its Christmas glory.    

This inconvenience - though still expensive - turned out to be a nice reminder that steering off the planned path can be really nice.  Going with the flow - and accepting that the only control I had in the situation was how I was going to react - allowed me to really enjoy a nice Christmas date with Paul - in a place we never would have gone otherwise.  It's a great part about life: being open to surprises can bring you really wonderful experiences. 

So back to the date.  While Paul and I waited for our friends to pick us up (in the freezing rain I might add - yes, these are very good friends), we stopped at the Iron Horse and had ourselves a tasty little lunch.  I had some cinnamon tea, sweet potato hash, and shared a bourbon pecan pie with Paul.  We chatted about some of our favorite Christmas memories and had ourselves a nice little date. 

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