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Thursday, December 19, 2013

cookie party

This weekend, I hosted my second annual cookie making party!!  Five of my friends and I gathered to bake, eat, and share delicious Christmas cookies (and treats).  We each brought a favorite holiday recipe and then split up the goods at the end of the night.  I captured almost all of our treats in the photo above - just missing the puppy chow.  I'm proud to say that I still have cookies leftover from Saturday that I plan to give away as Christmas presents (as long as Pedro and Diego don't find where I've hidden them). 

Pedro helped me get ready for the party and kept a look out for people arriving.  (We got a couple of inches a few hours before the party.  It was gorgeous!)

I made a couple of small flower arrangements to add to the festive feel of the night.  I spent $12 total on three small groups of flowers (the red, pink, and white flowers came separately), and I put them together in two bouquets just a couple of minutes following this tutorial.

A few of the beautiful bakers :)

Saturday was my first time making chocolate covered pretzels.  Don't know I made it to 28 without ever making them, but I think it's probably because I've always been around other people who make them for me.  And because I usually just stick to snowballs (see below).  I was really surprised by how easy the process was and really happy with how the pretzels turned out!  I melted my chocolate in the microwave for a few minutes (30 seconds at a time to make sure it didn't burn).  We dipped the pretzels half way in the chocolate, added some spinkles, and let them dry on parchment paper. 

Tah dah!

A few more photos of the finished product.  This was such a nice night filled with nice wine, ladies, and sweets.  I'm really excited to give away Christmas cookies since it's a heartfelt way to show people I'm thinking about them and put time and energy into making something really tasty for them.  It'll keep me hosting cookie parties for many years to come.    

Here's last year's cookies and cookie making highlights

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