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Friday, December 27, 2013

baileys' range

The holidays: time for eating, seeing friends and family, and eating some more.  Man have I eaten a lot recently.  I think I'm going to need to go on an all air diet for about a week after the new year, but not yet!  For the next few days I still have a lot of food, friends, and family on my schedule.  Today I tried a new restaurant in downtown St. Louis called Baileys' Range, and it was amazing! 

The food paintings pulled me in right away, and I got a "good food" vibe when I walked in the restaurant.   I'm thinking I might need a few of these in my kitchen.  And I love the sign above - every week the restaurant has a burger battle.  This week, diners can decide between the shepherd's pie and curry chicken burger.  The winner will get to stay on the menu again next week and will battle it out with a new burger.  If I wasn't a vegetarian I think I'd pick the shepherd's pie. 

Baileys' Range gets lots of their stuff from local vendors, make their own ice cream, and make a lot of their burgers on site (maybe all?  I just saw them making some so I assume that they do at least some of them on site).  I was especially pleased to see that they'll make all of their burgers vegetarian for you.  I could have had my pick of anything on the menu, but I decided on the sweet potato patty with a sage allioli.  A-ma-zing. And after seeing my friend's strawberry shake, I threw out my no-dessert-resolution and ordered a cookies and cream ice cream.  OMG.  I want the recipe so I can make it with my brand.new.ice.cream.maker!!!  

All this talk of food has made me hungry, and butternut squash risotto is awaiting me, so time to wrap things up.  I may have a problem...

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