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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12 dates of christmas

This Christmas season, Paul and I will be going on twelve special "dates of Christmas."  The dates will be Christmas themed (obviously), pretty simple, and will give us a chance to spend time together during a busy season.  When I saw the idea on A Beautiful Mess, I asked Paul if he was interested, and he came up with a few ideas.  We decided to each come up with six dates since we both enjoy planning things for each other.  My ideas include: going out for hot cocoa at a local coffee shop, watch Charlie Brown (our favorite Christmas movie), take a Christmas light drive, go see a movie, put the Christmas tree, go ice skating, write our Christmas cards, make a Christmas play list, buy stocking stuffers for the pups.  

See how simple those dates are?  Many are things we probably would have done anyway, but this will make them even more fun because they'll be "dates of Christmas" - which automatically makes them awesome.  I'm especially excited to take some Mary-Paul time while we're in our home towns (St. Louis and Portland) for the holidays.  I love spending time with my family and friends, but it's also really nice to have just-the-two-of-us time in our home cities.   

The day after Thanksgiving (the start of the Christmas season in my mind), Paul and I got linner (lunch-dinner) at Sasha's in St. Louis.  Paul said it didn't count as a "date of Christmas" because it wasn't December, but I'm considering it our first date of Christmas.  Does it count as a date if only one of you thinks it was one?  I think I just had a flashback to my pre-Paul dating days.  Let's say it counts if we're not able to get all twelve dates in before the beginning of January - or maybe January still counts as Christmas season?  I think I'm making this more confusing than it needs to be.  Sasha's: congratulations.  You were the site of our first date of Christmas 2013.    

What would you do on your twelve dates of Christmas?  

I found the idea for the twelve dates of Christmas from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess, who got the idea from Naomi atRockstar Diaries, who got the idea from Marci.  Did you get all that?  There's just so much Christmas love in the blogosphere. 

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