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Thursday, November 21, 2013

remembering to be thankful

Sometimes I can act a little bratty and forget how many wonderful things I have in my life.  I think most of us have been there: seeing our lives with a negative lens instead of a gratitude one.  I see the big hole Diego chewed in my favorite coat -- instead of Paul's reaction to Diego: saying Diego sees himself as "Diego unchained" (inspired by Django Unchained).

There's plenty of other things in my life that I easily overlook because other things get in the way.  Like the bright colors of our dishes and that no matter what combination they're in, they always look great.  Like going to basketball games with Paul and finding free parking three blocks from the arena.  Like talking Thanksgiving menus with my mom (we're in charge of pie!).  Like the little measuring cups from my sister that make baking feel a little whimsical.  Like how easily my social calendar fills up now that we've been in Milwaukee a few years.  Like how lucky I am to go to a great job everyday.  Some things may seem silly or insignificant, but they're the things that make my life unique and mine

I feel more and more that practicing gratitude and culativating an attitude of joy can help reveal all the magic and beauty in everyday life.  It goes a long way to making an average life feel extraordinary.  

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