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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

project gratitude

If you're on Facebook you've probably noticed people starting to share daily gratitude posts for the month of November.  I think it's a really beautiful exercise, so last year I did Project Gratitude - 22 posts on things and people I'm thankful for.  The project turned out to be an excellent experience, and it's really nice to look back at all those posts this year.  

I've decided not to do a full gratitude series this year, because with all the other goal lists I'm working on (my 101 listmy 29 list, and my 4 simple goals list), I thought it would be better if I just did a simple gratitude exercise on my own outside of the blogging world.  I don't have the time to do a full blogging series, but there's something really powerful and transformational about paying attention to the small details of your life and remembering to be grateful for them.  So I'll be doing that behind the scenes :) 

Here's a few of my favorite posts from last year's Project Gratitude:

1. Inherited skillz

2. My parents

3. The Jesuit martyrs and my experience painting them.

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