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Thursday, October 10, 2013

my pups

So I know I've been a bit MIA this week.  Our camera had to go to the shop for lens repair, and picture taking hasn't been quite as easy or as awesome without it.  The new and improved camera arrived Tuesday night, and I feel much more settled now that I have it back.  Strange how much photography has become part of my life.  Strange but also nice. 

I snapped a couple photos of my pups on our morning walk yesterday.  I've really been enjoying these walks with them in our new neighborhood.  They seem to enjoy the sights and smells, and I enjoy that they go to the bathroom more quickly than they did in our old neighborhood.  We met our first dog friend - some type of old sandy dog named Seinfeld (my brain is incapable of remembering dog breeds other than labs, beagles, and anything ending in -poo).  

Paul and I spent some time cuddling with "the boys" last night, and we all seemed happier as a result.  I really needed that fun time with them.  Pedro and Diego can act so obnoxious - with the chewing and the howling and the jumping and the peeing in the house - I need that fun time to remember how adorable and snuggly they are.   It also helps hearing Paul have mini "conversations" with them.  Pedro's always had a voice that matches the dog from UP, and Diego now has a voice that is amusingly much higher pitched than Pedro's.  But it matches him so well.  

P.S. This is our new awesome front porch.  Our downstairs neighbors seem to think it's a great idea to store their couch upside-down out here, but I still love it.  

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