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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

migrate or hibernate?

A friend of mine has a theory that every autumn she gets an urge to either migrate or hibernate.  She'll get the urge to move or travel or she'll want to just settle down and relax for a while.  It didn't take much reflection to realize that this autumn I am craving some hibernation...like really craving it.  All I've been wanting to do lately is to lay low, preferably in comfy clothes while eating comfort food.  

Instead, I've been putting way too much activity in my schedule, scurrying around like a squirrel trying to store all my acorns for winter.  I have something going on most nights of the week, and my weekends usually include visitors, travelling, or a too-long to-do list.

Paul and I discussed our different approached to grief over sushi last night.  Whereas Paul has been dealing with the loss of his friend by taking a semester off school and taking time for himself, I increased my activity to the max.  It was fine to get through the first few painful weeks, but the constant movement is really starting to wear on me.  

The beautiful thing about hibernation - and freezing cold weather - is that it gives you an excuse to slow down.  During the slow down, you can take time for yourself.  Time to sit and time to be.  Time that is necessary to process through things that you ignored in the flurry of warm weather activity.  I've used activity as a necessary distraction, almost a salve for pain, but I'm ready for the space and growth that comes from just being.  I think my cravings for hibernation are a good sign that 

What about you?  Do you hibernate or migrate?   

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