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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

guest post: even the busy

Today Finding Joy is featuring a guest post from  my friend Kate from Say Yes! Change Things.  We met while we were volunteering in Syracuse, New York, and we recenlty reconnected through the blogging world.  I love Kate's reflections on her blog, and I am so happy to share her thoughts with you!

When in the summer, Mary asked me if I would guest post, I jumped at the chance!  I love Mary's words and felt honored to be asked. 

But, I may have overlooked the new and radical change that was upcoming: GRADUATE SCHOOL!
Nevertheless, I wanted to write. Yet, have not found the time to let alone think these words, lest even write them. Further, once school began, the focus became adjustment. Survival. Transition.
So where is joy? I find myself challenged to answer this honestly. The gut reaction is "What? Joy? I don't know! I'm so overwhelmed as it is, who has time to contemplate joy?". Oh, what's that inner voice? Me!

Joy elements from today:  
  • Crossing a few items off the list. 
  • Being welcomed at an event by former co-workers.  
  • Finding peace with administrative aspects of my program. 
  • Walking. 
  • Seeing the sunset.
They may not be beautifully understood or described, but they are moments of joy, not to be under-rated. 
One thing I don't want to loose in graduate school is balance. This means moments to explore, to laugh, to love, to find incredible joy.  Whether it's yoga one day, and improv show another, or a deep belly laugh with new friends, these moments are the essence of my joy. Sure, finding and honoring this necessity will be different than before, but I am committed because balance and joy are deeply intertwined.
So, for me, I want to still seek and be surprised by the moments of joy that abound, especially in the busyness. Life won't always be at this frenetic pace. But while it is, its' important to find my joy. It's my essence.

Photos by Mary.

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