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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

fall wreath

I made this fall wreath a few weeks ago using a tutorial from A Beautiful Mess - can you tell I'm completely obsessed with their blog?  It was really simply and enjoyable to make.  I hadn't done a craft project for a long time before this, and hot gluing and arranging the flowers reminded me how much I like creating things.  I had taken a break on crafting because I had spent too much money on projects I never finished, and I honestly felt a little burnt out.  But this project was the perfect thing to get those crafty juices flowing again. 

I recommend reading the tutorial on A Beautiful Mess for the wreath making instructions.  I bought my supplies at Michaels when most of the fall flowers were half price.  I couldn't find any usable orange and red flowers, so I made due with the colors you see here.  As with any project, I always consider the instructions a beginning guideline and just see where my creative juices take me.  Let me know if you decide to make one too!

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