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Friday, October 11, 2013

canning workshop

Our community garden dreamed of having a canning workshop last season, but with all the work days creating the actual garden, we ran out of time to can.  We made canning a priority this season and scheduled a whole Saturday to hang out in the kitchen together.  Two of our garden committee members are canning queens (and one is a master preserver!) and were kind enough to teach the rest of us the canning process.   We opened the workshop up to all of our gardeners and used garden funds to offset the workshop cost so that finances wouldn't keep anyone from learning.  

The day was divided into two parts: tomatoes in the morning and pears in the afternoon.  Everything seemed to go a lot faster with all the people we had helping, and before I knew it we had several dozen jars full of beautiful food.  Each participant went home with a jar of tomatoes and pears.  We were all so excited, and I feel I am so excited to can more and now that I know the basic skills, I feel confident enough to can on my own now.  Just need to pick up my own canning kit, and I'm set!

Please excuse the weird quality of these photos.  I took them with my mid grade camera in weird light, and this was the best I could with them. 

If you're interested in learning to can, you can check with your local community center, library, university extension program, or nature/ecology center.  There's lots of workshops out there if you keep your eye open for them.  Pickyourown.org is also a great resource to check out for canning information and recipes.  We used this recipefor our tomatoes and this recipe for our pears.  

Have you canned before?

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