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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

portland japanese garden

In all my trips to Portand, I had never visited the Portland Japanese Garden.  Paul and I finally rectified that terrible travesty during our time in Portland last week.  The garden is one of the most beautiful places I've even been, and I wish I could take weekly trips there just to recapture the calmness and serenity I felt there.  I'll just have to settle for visiting every time I go to Portland.  Here's some of my favorite photos from our visit. 

View of the city of Portland with Mount Hood in the background.

The moss "islands" grow in the shapes of a sake glass and gourd: symbols of enlightenment and happiness.

For some reason this space reminded of a movie by Hayao Miyasaki (the world renowed Japanese animator).  I kept expecting to see the little guys from Princess Mononoke appear - the little kodamas or tree spirits.  They're so cute in the movie, but maybe a little creepy when you see them out of context?  I swear they're adorable!  Either way, I think the Japanese Garden accomplished a lot by having a space be so inspiring that you can have an emotional connection to it - or connect it to something else in your life.  Well done.   

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