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Thursday, September 26, 2013

four simple goals (before 2014)

Last September, I joined the challenge posed by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess to make four simple goals before 2013.  She didn't post goals this year, but I enjoyed it a lot last year so decided to do it again.  You can visit A Beautiful Mess for the official guidelines.  The idea is to make a list of four simple goals (which could potentially coordinate with the four remaining months of the year) that are relatively easy to achieve, but are things you may not do if you didn't really set your mind to do it.  

The best part of this challenge is including a reward system - you give yourself a small reward when you check your goals off your list.  Built in incentive to accomplishing the goals!  If I accomplish all four goals I will buy myself either a piece of jewelry from Rachel's beautiful shop or buy a print for our apartment from Oana Befort.  Putting that in writing makes me even more excited to start this challenge!  Here are my goals: 

Visit our neighborhood bakery there's a couple of cute bakeries in my neighborhood, and I want to make a point of actually getting my butt to one instead of always saying "oh man, I really need to get over there sometime."

Make Kombucha a friend of mine gave me a SCOBY which I neglected and killed, but it's gotten me inspired to try making it again.  Kombucha has become more popular and is now popping up in a lot of stores (especially places like Whole Foods), and I think it would be fun to make my own.  I'll be trying Rachel's recipe.  

Clean my wedding dress I'm so thankful my mom preserved her dress so that I could wear it on my wedding day.  It's too beautiful to waste away in a closet (like it currently is).  I'd like to clean and preserve it in case anybody wants to wear it in the future.   

Start a new sketchbook I've been super inspired to start drawing and painting again.  And sketchbooks are highly necessary for capturing all those creative juices.  

Please let me know if you decide to do the challenge to.  Leave a link or your list below so we can keep each other motivated!  

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