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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

farmers market

I just started going to a farmers market close to our new apartment, and I wanted to share some photos from my recent trip.  The market is so cute - very close to the Harmonee Bridge and to a beautiful park area with a little stream. 

During my trips I see such colorful, tasty looking veggies.  There's usually music playing, and lots of families walking around picking out that week's dinner ingredients.  I drool at all the baked goods, and I've started to stop at a pastry vendor to pick up breakfast treats to go with my tea.  

On my last visit, this pastry vendor, seeing my camera, asked me if I was a photographer.  I answered "just an amature."  Hearing that the vendor told me to take a picture - of anything.  After I had done that, he handed me a quarter saying "The only difference between professional and amature photographers is that professionals are paid.  And now you're a professional.  You said 'amature' so dismissively.  Never ever limit yourself."  

How's that for some nice inspiration?   

I'm hoping to stop by a few more times before the market season ends.  And you can bet I'll be bringing my camera. 

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