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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

apple picking

And the fall adventures continue!  My friend and I made our annual trip to Barthel's Fruit Farm for apple picking - and for caramel apples, porch pumpkins, pears, photo ops and general fall lovin.  The McIntosh apples were in season, and we both carried home dozens of them.  Apple picking has become one of my favorite fall traditions after falling in love with it my Jesuit Volunteer Corps year in upstate New York.  The apples are sometimes secondary to the drive to the country, the fall colors, and being outside in the beautiful weather. 

I may have sampled a few apples straight off the tree.  Is there anything better?  Not in September. 

I picked out some pears too.  I plan on canning whatever we don't eat at our community garden canning workshop next weekend (photos to come!). 

Teaser!  The pumpkins all looked ready to pick, but they won't be ready for another few weeks.  Guess that means we'll just have to take another drive out to Barthel's.  Guess that means I'll have to have another caramel apple, and might just have to buy some apple cider.  Life is so hard

Could this farm be anymore picturesque?  Red barn, roaming dog, beautiful flowers, fields of pumpkins, corn, and apples as far as the eye can see.  Nothing better for the soul than a trip to a farm in fall.  Except maybe caramel apples. 

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