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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Holy geeze, things are a little crazy around here right now.  Paul and I took a great trip to Portland this weekend to visit family and friends (pictures coming tomorrow!), and now we have two days to pack for our move to our new apartment.  Last week my sister closed on her first house and my youngest brother started his freshman year of college.  Hello transitions! 

These pictures inspired me to think of this time of transition in a new way.  The events of our lives are like waves, washing over us, getting us all wet and salty.  Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, but always dependable in their impermanence.  Always something new coming, something that stays with us a little while, then makes room for something new.  This time of transition is the current wave.  I'll face it, enjoy it, and then wait for the next wave, the next period of change.  It's comforting to think of this change and instability and newness as just part of a cycle.  It makes it much easier to enjoy it instead of wishing it away. 

Is August bringing any new transitions for you?

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