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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

pacific wonderland

Paul and I visited friends and family this weekend in Oregon and enjoyed exploring the Pacific Wonderland.  We spent part of our weekend at the Oregon coast in Lincoln City and Newport.  When Paul and I were still dating, we took a trip to Newport, and I felt so nostalgic retracing our steps as a married couple.  I love having a shared history together, especially one full of memorable adventures.  We drove past the lookout point where I saw my first whale and went to the restaurant where I had some of my all time favorite seafood (Local Ocean in Newport if you're ever in the area).  We visited a few new places this time including this gorgeous lighthouse.  The fog made the viewing a little difficult, but I think it added to the mysterious feel of all the pictures. 

Do you think you would ever want to live in a lighthouse?  I feel like it would be wonderful to see the daily changes of the ocean, but I couldn't deal with the isolation. 

These photos were taken in Newport, right before I dropped my lens cap next to these sea lions.  Think he was smiling because he was predicting my clumsiness? 

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