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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

our new favorite place

One of my favorite features of our new place is the porch that runs the length of the front of our house.  I've been letting pups roam around the porch area when I get home from work, and they only come in to eat and to get treats.  Pedro is in his element when he can keep an eye on everything that's happening on the street.  He likes checking out the action from a safe distance where no strangers can bother him.    

I've been feeling a little like Pedro myself the past few days.  I've been really worn out and more sensitive than usual to people entering my personal space (physical, mental, and emotional: the personal space trifecta).  I was getting down on myself about this until I took a look at my August calendar and remembered I had something going on nearly every single day this month. And not just regular things like work and gardening, but two vacations, hosting dinners, packing up an apartment, completing our community transition, and moving across town.  No wonder I'm feeling like the well is dry.  I'm not a person that does well with a busy schedule.  I thrive when I have time to myself and can rest and recuperate.  

To get through this last week of craziness before things settle down, I'm taking some of my favorite advice I received in JVC: be gentle with yourself.  The things I do will get done, but they will not be perfect (AH!  My perfectionist self is already cringing just writing that!).  I'll take more breaks than I usually do.  I'll let the non-essentials take a temporary backseat.  I'll forgive myself if I can't do all that I usually do or work as well I can with rest.  And you can be sure that I'll be spending some time outside with the pups in our new favorite place.   

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