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Thursday, August 22, 2013

more portland fun

I am stretching these Portland photos as far as they'll possibly go this week because I am super busy with our move!  Today is our official move day, and the movers are working hard as I write this.  Yes, we got movers because we are sooooo grown up (and lazy).  I went to the new apartment for the first time last night, and I love so many things about it.  I cannot wait to unpack and decorate and make it a home.  I have a feeling we'll be very happy there.  Now what was I writing about again?  Oh yeah, Portland....A few other special moments I enjoyed:

sipping wine with a view of the ocean with Paul's grandma, his dad, and his aunt (and Grandma's adopted dog Peanut).  The wine was actually Franzia because it's his grandma's favorite, and because his grandma is 90 and awesome, we drink it with her. 

eating at Local Ocean - look at that big smile on my face.  I knew crab chowder and crab cakes were about to be in my belly. 

spending time with my lovely sister-in-law and her new "friend."

a backyard barbeque with Paul's college friends.  I don't know how I was lucky enough to inherit the friends and family I did when I married Paul.  Seriously, he knows some amazing people, and fortunately they love me because I love a person they love. 

this amazing view of the Columbia River complete with sunshine and beautiful weather.

the pool that came with that beautiful view and some much needed relaxation time. 

girl time with this lovely lady.

brunch at a cafe that made me feel like I was right back in Paris.

these delectable delights and the pedicure that followed.  There was one last memorable moment outside the nail salon when my sister-in-law and I both realized that we had the time of my flight wrong, and I had exactly thirty minutes to get my suitcase, drive to the airport, check in, go through security, and get on the plane.  Needless to say that didn't happen.  BUT.  Southwest has a policy where you can fly stand-by on a later flight if you make it to the airport within two hours of your scheduled departure time.  So that's what I did.  And I made it safe and sound back to Milwaukee, Pedro, and Diego.  Ah adventures.

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