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Thursday, August 29, 2013

dreams for our new apartment

I had planned to write a different post today.  A post about how being in a new space challenges me to create new routines and habits and how impatient I am to be settled in already.  But then I read this post from Rachel at Clean/Lusa Organics, and I decided this post needed to go in a different direction.  Rachel writes: 

And today I had a lovely idea. What if I shared posts with you now and then that were simply dreams, relayed as truth? What We're Manifesting.
So here's the dream post I could see myself writing a few years from now in our new apartment.  Here's the dream I'm manefesting.  (This is my short term dream for our life in our new place.  Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to share my long term dreams here too.) 

Moving into this apartment really started a new phase of our life together. We've grown so much as a couple and our love has deepened to a new level over the past few years. These past few years have felt magical living with Paul in our beautiful apartment.  Our neighborhood has felt like home since we first moved in.  Pedro and Diego have their favorite spots to walk, and we enjoy feeling like part of our community.  Some of my favorite neighborhood events are our summer cookouts, block parties, and the park concerts.  

Our apartment is a great place to come home to.  It's the first space that I have decorated and designed to my satisfaction, and I love sharing our space with family and friends.  We have great dinners and so much love and friendship has been shared in this space.  This apartment has seen us expand as a family, and I couldn't have imagined a better place to bring our little baby home to.  Life is certainly different than when we first moved in, but the essentials are still there: tasty meals, hanging out on the porch, evening walks, enjoying quiet time together.     

This space has been ideal for relaunching my painting habit.  I've been more prolific than I could have imagined, and I even managed to create a few new series and sell some paintings here and there.  I could see growing this into a healthy side business in the future.  

Paul and I both enjoy our jobs and are grateful that things feel steady and secure.  Paul's masters has been a boost to his work, and he is constantly pursuing professional development opportunities.  Having a solid purpose at work has helped him feel more settled here.  He's happier than I've ever seen him.  I still enjoy my work and have a better idea of the direction I want my career to develop.  It's surprising and may not have anything to do with my current position.  In fact, it has a lot more to do with painting, French and/or education.  

We've worked out a comfortable schedule visiting friends and family, and we've played host to many loved ones in our home.  People feel at home when they visit and come back often.  We travel and have lots of adventures, and I love taking lots and lots of pictures of our life.  I finally keep up better with friends' and family members' birthdays, and we make an effort to send letters and care packages to loved ones.  We've settled in to simple ways of keeping up with people we care about who are far away.  

Paul and I have found our niche here.  Milwaukee really feels like home, and though we may not be here forever, I can say in all honesty that we're happy here.  We feel settled.  We have developed community and have friends we'll have for a lifetime.  We live more in the present and while we have concrete ideas about our future, we're open to changes to our plans.  After all, we've been happy in so many unexpected places, we trust that wherever we end up will be the right place for us.  We support each other's dreams and have put down roots together.  We still have challenges, but we're happy and in love.  Life has its ups and downs, but it's still wonderful.  

Wow - that was enjoyable.  Much better than talking about having trouble remembering where I put my makeup and vitamins.  Dreaming is so exciting and scary at the same time.  Putting dreams into writing and reminding yourself you're worthy of what you aspire to is the first step to making them a reality.

Do you ever dream concretely like this?  Please share if you do!

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