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Thursday, July 18, 2013

my summer wish list

Thanks to all who entered this week's giveaway!  I was so inspired by all the comments on the giveaway post - every summer favorite brought a smile to my face.  The comments also inspired me to write a summer wish list. I'm in total summer lovin' mode, even with this crazy heat wave.  What's on your summer wish list? 

o   Spend all day in a park √
o   Plant a garden √  
o   Eat veggies right out of the garden √
o   Have a garden picnic o   Go swimming in a lake √
o   Have a barbeque √ 
o   Sit around a campfire √
o   Make s’mores √
o   Trips to the dog park √
o   Go camping √
o   Make popsicles √
o   Make pretty lemonade √
o   Bake a fruit pie √
o   Pick berries √
o   Wear a sun dress √
o   Keep my toe nails painted 
o   Be outside barefoot
o   Pick wildflowers 
o   Go mini golfing
o   Concerts in the park
o   Visit Portland √
o   Visit St. Louis 
o   Swim in Lake Michigan at sunrise
o   Farmer’s market √
o   Porch sitting √
o   Watch fireworks √
o   Ice cream cones √
o   Frozen yogurt √
o   Take a Road trip √
o   Run a 5k 
o   Show some skin √
o   Go to Michigan 
o   Practice lots and lots of French 
o   Take pictures all the time
o   Do a photo challenge √
o   Long walks √
o   CSA dinners √
o   Leave the windows wide open √
o   Sit in front of fans √o   Shower with the bathroom door open √
o   Visit the beer garden
o   Close Wolski’s
o   Make a summer highlights post/photo album √
c   Make sun tea
c   Watch Cardinals' baseball √
c   Go hiking 
o   Read a book in the shade √
o   Stop and be present 

P.S.  Congrats to Ceci, the winner of the free copy of Home Made Summer.  Hope you enjoy your special award!

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