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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

a letter to my love

I never thought someone would turn me into a (n almost) dog lover.  In the past, my dog-owner skills left something to be desired, and I felt dogs were best seen and not heard.  You began my conversion by getting me to watch Peanuts and fall in love Snoopy.  With the Snoopy phase completed, you swooped in with the idea to adopt a beagle.  My response was basically a shoulder shrug.  It's not that I didn't like beagles, I just hadn't even thought about them enough at that point to like or dislike them.  (Pet lovers please don't hate me, I promise I've come around!)

When I was still learning to love Pedro, you helped me warm up to him by seeing some of his most obnoxious behaviors as lovable quirks.  You brainstormed dozens of solutions for dealing with his anxiety so we didn't have to give him up.  You're helping me be more patient with Diego by translating his howls into him saying "how are you?" or "I love you!"  You turn chores into playtime.  You will take care of Pedro and Diego at all times of day in all kinds of weather.  You give them hilarious dog voices that I now see as an integral part of their personalities.  We've even turned some of your best ideas into a rough sketch for a kid's book (because we're just that cool).  

I love taking the dogs to the dog park with you in the summer and seeing you all run towards me when it's time to go.  Seeing you with our pups confirmed what I already knew - that you're going to be an amazing dad someday.  Because if you can keep a dog alive you can keep a baby human alive too right?  Just try not to mix up their food and avoid putting our babies in the kennel. 

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