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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

we're back!

Well that was an amazing trip.  We arrived back in Milwaukee yesterday, and I'm back at work today.  Luckily the relaxation and rejuvenation I experienced on our trip hasn't quite left my system yet.  I'm looking forward to sorting through all of our pictures and hanging up our new artwork - and eating the sweets we brought back with us.  Check back on Monday for a full week of posts of our trip - Bath, London, Paris, Versailles, and Iceland.  Can't wait to share our adventure with you. 

On our way back to the states, Paul and I talked about living on our own after being in community for two years.  We came up with new date night ideas and some fun things we want to do this summer.  My favorite of our ideas was a new dinner menu arrangement.  To make nightly meal making easier and a little more interesting, we're going to have themes for each night of the week: Mediterranean Mondays (French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, or North African), Tex-Mexican Tuesdays, Date Night Wednesdays (going out, picnics, or candlelit indoor dinners), CSA Thursdays, Fishy Fridays (the only night of the week we'll have "meat"), Soup and salad Saturdays, and Simple Sundays.  We'll be starting next week, and I'll keep you posted with how things go.  

We're excited to be living on our own for the first time as a married couple - let's keep this honeymoon period going as long as it can!    

P.S. Can you guess what monument that is hiding behind us?

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