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Friday, June 14, 2013


We've reached the end of our Europe adventure.  On our way back to the states, Paul and I planned an extended layover in Iceland.  During the eight hours we had between plane trips, we visited the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa just outside of Reykjavik.  This was the 9th best decision of our marriage. 

Iceland is unlike any other place I've been before.  The Iceland we saw was black volcanic rock, moss covered, and populated only with low flying birds and a few daffodils.  Truly incredible, mystical, and magical.  According to Icelandic Airlines, over 50% of the people in Iceland believe in elves.  After visiting, I could see how the unbelievable could become believable here. 

When we arrived at the Blue Lagoon it was about 45 degrees outside and the wind and rain were blowing miserably in our faces.  I (being the naive American I am) asked one of the staff members if any parts of the spa were inside. 

They answered "yes, the restaurant and the lockers."  Right.... See that man in the yellow wind breaker suit?  That's what staff people were wearing outside in the weather.

But we knew we only had one shot at this and jumped in anyway (frigidly sped walked to the water is a better description of what actually happened).  We stayed in the hottest parts of the water and enjoyed some sparkling wine.  We had a great time and didn't notice the cold much after that.  The Blue Lagoon was an amazing way to end a truly amazing vacation.

From what I could tell at the touristy locations we visited, Icelanders are very interesting.  See above. 

These were similar to houses we saw on our bus ride. 

And this is an advertising slogan.  Interesting right? 

After such a jam packed ten days, we were ready to rest our heads on these in flight pillows, complete with Icelandic lullabies to lull us to sleep.  

Thanks for sharing our adventure with us!  Back to regular posts on Monday.  

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