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Monday, June 10, 2013

bath part 1

Welcome to a week of vacation posts!  I am very excited to share our photos with you; thanks for sharing in our adventure!  I'll start the posts by saying that I feel so grateful that Paul and I were able to take this vacation together.  It was romantic and wonderful and joyful and felt like a once in a lifetime trip (but hopefully wasn't).  We saw so many beautiful places and fully enjoyed all of them.  Today I'll be focusing on our time in Bath, UK!

We left on a Friday afternoon, flew Icelandic Airlines through Reykjavik, then arrived exhausted and smelly in London the next day.  We had trouble accessing our money and our bus to Bath was an hour late.  Woof.  Rough start.

But luckily Bath is an extremely walkable city, and we found our adorable hotel very easily. 

We had this view from our hotel window.  Amazing!

And we were within easy walking distance of the canal that runs through the city. 

After we checked into our hotel, we made the 7th best decision of our marriage and took a plunge at one of the city's two hot bath spas (yes Bath is actually full of baths).  All the stress and exhaustion melted away in the water, and I fully entered vacation zone.  Note to self: try to have every vacation start with a warm bath.  We relaxed in a hot pool overlooking the city and had one of those "is this real life?" moments.  I think great vacations can be measured in lots of these little moments. 

The spa had a typical cream colored brick facade that Bath is known for.  So beautiful!

The bath spa must have been good luck, because afterwards we were able to access our money here!  Nice usage of the old telephone booths - they don't have to rip them out like we've done with our telephone booths in the U.S.

The city of Bath by night.

The next day we enjoyed mass at the city's Catholic church.  A passerby told us it was designed by the same person who designed London's hansom cabs.  It would be cool if that was true. 

We toured the city and took lots of pictures.  This is one of the city's main squares - just outside Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths, and the Pump Room (more pictures of these things in posts I'll be sharing later today). 

One of my favorite areas of Bath: the Royal Crescent.  It was built between 1767 and 1775 and contains thirty houses - each chimney shows a different apartment/house.  There were lots of people picnicing and lots of kids with cute British accents chasing each other around. This spot reminded me a little of a popular wedding photo site in Forest Park in St. Louis, and low and behold a young couple came up with their photographer (you can see them if you squint at the middle of the picture). 

That first afternoon we did lots of window shopping and exploring - and liked it so much we made it a habit for the rest of the trip. 

Coke's new advertising gimmick has reached the UK!  We decided against the Coke and opted for some bread and cheese for a midday snack. 

We had the perfect weather that day and took our time starting off our epic adventure.  Check back later today for more photos of our time in Bath - there were so many, I needed to split them up!

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