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Monday, June 10, 2013

bath abbey

We've reached the last Bath post of the day!  Who would have thought that Bath, UK would have warranted so many pictures?  Its beauty really surprised me, and it turned out to be the perfect place to start our vacation.  Part of the wonder of the city is that the past is very palpable there.  Even though many of the ruins have just been built over (and have had to be uncovered), many of the buildings are a great connection to the city's history.  Buildings like Bath Abbey.  Wowzers, what an abbey!  

According to Rick Steves (my new tour guide crush), important churches and temples have stood on or near the Bath Abbey grounds since ancient times.  King Edgar I was crowned on the spot in 973, and the Roman temple Aquae Sulis overlapped the site far earlier than that.  The current Gothic church is 500 years old and is known as the "Lantern of the West" because of its breath taking stained glass windows. 

Even though the outside has been restored, it still could use a little love in some places. 

Lots of people were buried here/nearby.  I loved reading the creative spelling and heartfelt messages on the headstones - it added to the history and mystique of the building.   We even found one for an old American congressman. 

We sat in the church for a while and enjoyed the details and ambiance of the space. 

Paul snapped some night shots of the abbey while we were on the Bizarre Bath Comedy Tour - which is also worth checking out if you ever find yourself in Bath.  Check out those buttresses!

Thank for reliving our trip with us!  Check back tomorrow for our photos from London.

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