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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

29 goals update

This weekend I checked two more things off my 29 goals list.  That makes five goals accomplished!  I'm on a roll!  Kind of.  First goal: repotting plants that were desperate for more spacious homes.  Paul gave me this plant when I first moved to Chicago.  I think I may have started crying when I got it, because I was so relieved to have something so comforting when everything around me felt a little chaotic!  Now the plant is relieved to have larger digs after four years in its original home. 

Paul and I also took friends of ours to the Safe House this weekend.  It has a semi-hidden entrance down a dark alley and requires a password to enter.  If you don't know the password, you have to do something goofy to be allowed in.  The walls inside are covered with spy-themed pictures and objects.  We had such a fun time exploring and checking out all the details in the bar; there aren't a lot of places to play and explore as an adult.  You've got to make the most of the opportunities when they come. 

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