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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

visitors galore

You may have noticed that I've been a little shotty on the posts the past few weeks.  I am sorry for slacking, but I have a totally legitimate excuse for being MIA.  We recently have had our biggest influx of visitors to date - and it was amazing!  We started with a visit from my fantabulous sister-in-law Naomi who was in from Portland.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Milwaukee Art Museum among other mini adventures.

Pedro loved having Naomi around.  She practiced for having more nieces and nephews by spoiling Pedro rotten.  All the couch and kitchen roaming time he wanted!

Libby's visit overlapped with Naomi's, and I am proud to say that I stayed up past 10:00 every night Libby was in town!  We made a stop to Libby's bar, an ... interesting establishment off Brady Street in Milwaukee.  We also laughed and talked a lot - and that's a good as summary as any for time spent with my sister. 

While they weren't technically visiting us, we got to see Sydney and Chris - Jesuit Volunteer friends - and their little bambino Ford outside of Chicago.  We had our reunion at a Dunkin Donuts (apparently it's a Hartford volunteer thing) on our way to pick up Diego.  Yay for JVC reunions!!   It feels so special how quickly we can reconnect with people we rarely see; it's a magical JVC thing.  The trade off for being "ruined for life" is that you meet some amazing people who are just as ruined as you!  (Little bit of trivia: Chris and Sydney met in Jesuit Volunteer Corps at a party Paul and his roommates hosted!) 

We met up with some more Jesuit Volunteer friends in Chicago at one of our old semi-haunts, the Heartland Cafe.  The weather was beautiful, we had a great time laughing and catching up, and we were even inspired to make plans to see each other again!  We just can't get enough of each other. 

And finishing off our round of visitors was our great friend Rachel - who has the distinguished honor of having lived with both Paul and me (Hartford and Chicago respectively).  Rachel has a love for great music, bright colored scarves and ice cream.  So of course we had to take her on a custard tour of Milwuakee.  Every stop was delicious, but none of them quite compared to the amazingness that is Ted Drewes frozen custard.  

And that was our whirlwind of visitors.  The best part of having family and friends all over the country is the excitement that comes from reunions and visits.  I always feel so lucky and blessed thinking about all the wonderful people we love and who love us!  

Things are pretty quiet now, so hopefully we won't have to wait too long for our next visitor to come along.   (Hint, hint...) 

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